Gravity forms add-on deducting regular amount instead of trail amount.

I am using gravity form add-on of to create monthly subscription in one of my WordPress site. I have set the subscription amount to $50 and 1 month trial for $1 but when the transition is done the total amount charged $50 and merchant interface shows me that trial period is set for on month with 1$ and amount is $50. i am confused is there anything i am missing ?


I did a quick test using the latest versions of both add-ons (GF v1.8.3 and v1.5) and this worked as anticipated. Does your account support Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)? If yes, and you're still having issues, Gravity Forms support can help you get this figured out.

Note to moderators: I would have left this as a comment given that is isn't an actual answer to the issue but I do not have enough reputation to leave comments.

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