How do update and insert data in one table using the data in another table

I have two tables prod1 and prod2 having same fields (pid,pname,pprice,pcode). Have some data in prod1 table like below

Pid     Pname    Pprice  Pcode
---     -----    ------  -----
1       Aaaaa    500     A-1
2       Bbbbb    1000    B-1
3       Ccccc    1500    C-1

And have data in prod2 table like below

Pid     Pname    Pprice  Pcode
---     -----    ------  -----
1       Aaaaa    5000    A-1
2       Bbbbb    5000    B-1
3       Ccccc    1500    C-2
4       Ddddd    2000    D-1
5       Eeeee    500     E-1

I need to update prod1 table using prod2 table

Insert the data into prod1 from prod2

Final aim is to store prod2 data in prod1 without delete in prod1 Help me to solve I tried cases and while etc


Finally Solved My Problem ..........................

update prod1 set pname=b.pname, pprice=b.pprice, pcode=b.pcode from prod2 b,prod1 a where

select * from prod1 insert into prod1 select * from prod2 b where not in(select pid from prod1)


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