Entity Framework DataContext enforces delete cascade even if it’s disabled

I have 2 tables with a many to many relation (Users <-> Permissions):

modelBuilder.Entity<User>().HasMany(x => x.Permission).WithMany()

I disabled “delete cascade” from the many to many relation to get an exception if the permission is referenced by a user.


The database schema is generated correctly. When I delete a permission (item) like following:

_dbContext.Entry(item).State = EntityState.Deleted;

the relation gets removed and no validation exception is fired. However, when I delete the permission with pure SQL from the SQL Server Management Studio:

 DELETE FROM [Permissions]
 WHERE Id = 3

the exception is fired.

Note: I load all entities eager.

Has anyone an idea why the Entity Framework fires no exception and allows this operation?


Problem found: If I load the data lazy the deletion work as expected. Exception is fired:

 (The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint....)

Solution: Pending

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