Create "patch" between revisions?

It seems SVN's "patch" functionality is not exactly what I want. What I really want is to create a diff of files between revisions. So, I'd choose rev1 and rev 2 and end up with a folder containing all files that were changed or added between those revisions.

Can this be done with Tortoise SVN or plain-old svn?


This can be achieved in tortoise SVN itself. Right click on the branch(folder) from where you want to create the patch >> Show Log >> Select All the revisions for which you need to create the patch >> Right Click and select Compare revisions >> This will show the changed files >> Select all the files >> Right click and select Export Revision To >> Give any path in your machine >> The files will get exported in the respective folder structure.

Alternately you can achieve this via scripting. Refer the following link for that:

From the command line you could do this as follows.

All files in a folder

Create a patch in your Home folder that contains all the changes between revision 123 and 124 from all the changed files in the folder "my_project":

svn diff -r123:124 path/to/my_project > ~/my_project_changes_123_124.patch
One particular file

Create a patch in your Home folder that contains all the changes between revision 123 and 124 from only one file, name "my_project.php":

svn diff -r123:124 path/to/my_project/my_project.php > ~/my_project_changes_123_124.patch about svn diff? Just pass it the desired revisions.

In TortoiseSVN, if you highlight the revisions you want in the "show log" dialog, there is even a context menu item to show the changes as diff which you can then save off somewhere.

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