Can I store int in longtext column and sum it?

When save a post, I saved a "point" value in post_content_filtered column in wp_posts table. I didn't save it in postmeta table because it's not easy to make sum in postmeta. Also, wordpress never use the post_content_field column for anything. So, I think I'm making good use of it. Now, when I need to sum the "points" for some posts, how to make mysql treat the points as int ?


I'm not sure if I understand the question but if you have a text field that you would like to treat as an signed integer something like this would work:

SELECT SUM(CAST(post_content_filtered AS SIGNED)) total FROM wp_posts;

I don't think the above will be necassary since mysql will use the field as a number depending on context, for example the following will return 6:

SELECT '1' + '10' - '5';

Read more about mysql cast functions

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