in a pickle: how to serialise legacy objects for submission to a Python multiprocessing pool

I have written a nice parallel job processor that accepts jobs (functions, their arguments, timeout information etc.) and submits then to a Python multiprocessing pool. I can provide the full (long) code if requested, but the key step (as I see it) is the asynchronous application to the pool:

job.resultGetter = self.pool.apply_async(
    func = job.workFunction,
    kwds = job.workFunctionKeywordArguments

I am trying to use this parallel job processor with a large body of legacy code and, perhaps naturally, have run into pickling problems:

PicklingError: Can’t pickle <type ’instancemethod’>: attribute lookup builtin .instancemethod failed

This type of problem is observable when I try to submit a problematic object as an argument for a work function. The real problem is that this is legacy code and I am advised that I can make only very minor changes to it. So... is there some clever trick or simple modification I can make somewhere that could allow my parallel job processor code to cope with these traditionally unpicklable objects? I have total control over the parallel job processor code, so I am open to, say, wrapping every submitted function in another function. For the legacy code, I should be able to add the occasional small method to objects, but that's about it. Is there some clever approach to this type of problem?


use dill and pathos.multiprocessing instead of pickle and multiprocessing.

see here: What can multiprocessing and dill do together?

How to pickle functions/classes defined in __main__ (python)

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