cmake and make in Windows

I understand that in linux cmake, make and make install can be combined together to produce a release. For example:

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
make install 

In windows, however, I cannot find similar commands that can do the same job. Usually, what is done is to build a .sln project first if Visual Studio is used, after that compile the .sln project and in the end run the INSTALL project. Will it be possible to make a release with several commands as it has been done in Linux. Many thanks.


You can use msbuild instead of make:

cmake -G"Visual Studio 12" ..
msbuild /P:Configuration=Release INSTALL.vcxproj

or you could use CMake's --build argument:

cmake -G"Visual Studio 12" ..
cmake --build . --target INSTALL --config Release

If you need the equivalent of the make command with no args (i.e. make all) you would build the ALL_BUILD target as well, but this is built as part of the INSTALL target anyway.

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