How to build widgets from any .ui files created by QtDesigner

I would like to make something like GUI creator which takes an ui file and creates widgets in it, and show in a window. So I have created a button on click I use QFileDialog to get a file. And then I would like to use the ui file from QFileDialog to create that gui/widgets and show in a window.

I have tried QFormbuilder, but it always gives me compile error “undefined reference to `QFormBuilder::QFormBuilder()’”

Is there a way to do it in qt5?

Any help appreciated


From documentation of QUiLoader:

 QUiLoader loader;
 QFile file(":/forms/myform.ui");;
 QWidget *myWidget = loader.load(&file, this);

I have solved the problem. Actually I was missing QFormbuilder module in my .pro file. So I have just added them, and it is working fine.

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