Mongoose findByIdAndUpdate() updates the wrong entry

I'm calling the following Mongoose function:

  { upsert: true }

My user collection is empty before calling this. After running the function, my user collection adds this document:

    "_id": 76561198015207410

Why would it be updating the wrong entry in the collection?


It's likely that the _id that you've defined for User is a Number:

var UserSchema = Schema({
    _id : Number,
    /* more */

If you use JavaScript and convert the String passed to the call to findByIdAndUpdate and convert it to a Number, you'll see the precision isn't retained:

> var x=76561198015207414
> x

You'll see the variable x contains the _id you've shown in your question.

You'll need to either switch to Strings or be sure that the numbers do not exceed a Number.

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