How to let mkString skip null in scala?

scala> Seq("abc", null).mkString(" ")
res0: String = abc null

but I want to get "abc" only

Is there a scala way to skip nulls?


scala> val seq = Seq("abc", null, "def")
seq: Seq[String] = List(abc, null, def)

scala> seq.flatMap(Option[String]).mkString(" ")
res0: String = abc def

There's always Seq("abc", null).filter(_ != null).mkString(" ")

Combination of Rex's answer and Eric's first comment:

Seq("abc", null).map(Option(_)).collect{case Some(x) => x}.mkString(" ")

The first map wraps the values resulting in Seq[Option[String]]. collect then essentially does a filter and map, discarding the None values and leaving only the unwrapped Some values.

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