How do I change the RAILS_ENV for rspec integration or remote specs?

I would like to create a set of remote specs "specs/remote" that run with the RAILS_ENV = 'remote'. These specs need to use a different database than the model specs. I would make them integration specs if that was easiest.

Ultimately, what is the easiest way change the RAILS_ENV from test and run a group of specs?


  • Create remote.rb in config/environments

  • Tell rspec to use your custom environment by setting export RAILS_ENV=remote at the shell prompt.

  • Add the remote environment to your config/database.yml with the appropriate settings for your alternate database.

Don't forget you can use YAML to include one environments configuration within another:

base: &base
  adapter: mysql

  database: dev_database
  <<: *base

  database: test_databae
  <<: *base

  database: remote_databae
  <<: *test


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