Heroku: Figuring out why your app crashed

My App crashed for the second time in the last 7 days. It displays the Application Error for a period of about 30-60 minutes then comes back online.

This happens while I'm not working on the app (i.e. I'm not checking in any code).

How can I diagnose what went wrong? Both times I found out about the crash about an hour after it came back online, so when I do heroku logs -n 1500 it returns things like GET requests and only goes back 5-10 minutes before all 1500 lines of logs run out.

Is there a way to check why the app crashed? If not, is there a way to make sure if it happens in the future I can catch the error somehow or at least know what happened?

P.S. My app is written in PHP and I'm using the basic free account on Heroku.


I would try installing a free heroku logging add-on like Papertrail or loggly. Either one of them provides additional log storage which should be enough to see what happened to crash your app.

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Which is the 'correct' way to do this (if statement)

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I've got plenty of these lying around, and I'm wondering if I'm going to face any trouble - or performance problems.