How to quickly undo staged and unstaged changes in git?

What's the quickest way to undo changes (staged and unstaged) in Git?

Both files unstaged.

$ git status -s
 M file1.txt # unstaged
?? oops.txt # unstaged

One file staged, one file unstaged.

$ git status -s
M  file1.txt # staged
?? oops.txt # unstaged

I can add all to index and then stash save and drop.

$ git add .
$ git stash save
$ git stash drop
$ git status
nothing to commit, working directory clean

Is there a quicker way?


You need to use two commands: git reset --hard and git clean -fd.git reset --hard will undo all staged changes and git clean -fd, unstaged changes (files and directories). You can create a alias that will do the two commands. For that, just add the following lines in your .gitconfig:

  undo = '!git reset --hard && git clean -fd'

git reset HEAD
git checkout .

git reset HEAD will unstage all changes and git checkout . discards all the changes.

You can use git clean

$ git status -s
?? oops.txt

$ git clean -f
Removing oops.txt

$ git status -s

More info:

Cleans the working tree by recursively removing files that are not under version control, starting from the current directory.

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