How to add to an XML file structured like this in Qt?

How can I write this to an xml file using qt?

  <column loop="true">`enter code here`
    <item2  color="#4d6862"  />
    <item2  color="#ff0000ff" />
    <item2  color="#ff00ff00" />
    <item2 color="#ff00ffff" />
    <item2 color="#ffff0000" />
    <item2 color="#ffff00ff" />
    <item2  color="#ffffff00" />
    <item2 color="#4d6862" />

This looks promising ( Writing XML Nodes in QtXML (QDomElement) ) but it doesn't mention attributes.


You can do it with QXmlStreamWriter:

QXmlStreamWriter writer (&file);    // a QFile object, must be open for writing
writer.writeStartElement ("model");
writer.writeStartElement ("column");
    writer.writeAttribute ("loop", "true");

    writer.writeStartElement ("item2");
    writer.writeAttribute ("color", "#4d6862");
    writer.writeEndElement ();
    // write all other items

writer.writeEndDocument();   // this will close all open tags

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