MongoDB SocketIO pub sub performace over rooms

I am recently trying an application with NodeJS, MongoDB and Socekt IO.

I just heard of SocketIO stores that can be used to cache the messages over the interaction between clients, I am having some doubts on it.

  1. Which is better in terms of performance (SocketIO Rooms vs store pub sub) ?
  2. Will suffice my requirement?
  3. Is there any other advantages in selection pub-sub or Rooms?
  4. Or am i Completely mistaken ?


I think that redis would be the better choice here. (https)://

Redis has the great benefit, that its implementation already supports pub/sub functionality native. (http)://

By the way redis is a good choice for storing session data, because it supports expiring ((http):// for keys, which means the database cleans up itself. A great advantage is, that redis supports persistence, which sound ideal for restoring for example messages or session data after a crash. (http)://

And for high workload there is also a way to replicate: (http)://

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