Eclipse Kepler XDebug to debug Web application. Breakpoints are being ignored

My goal is to use Eclipse to debug Wordpress. To start off with, I installed WAMP and Wordpress under WAMP. Then, I created a test program for debugging purposes called : testmeout.php. The name of the wordpress project is insr. To access testmeout.php, I would do:


Below I have noted videos to better explain what I mean. If one looks at this video:

one can see that the option of Run -> Debug Configurations -> PHP CLI Application ** works * the debugger stops on the breakpoints.

If one looks at this video:

one can see that the option of Run -> Debug Configurations -> PHP Web Application * does not work *

The breakpoints are blown by and totally ignored.

What am I missing here? Can someone help me out with this?



Is the xDebug running on your local server? phpinfo() report it as a loaded extension?

And if it is running, it will appear like below in Eclipse, Window->Preference->PHP->Debug->Installed Debuggers.

Debugger type | Port Zend Debugger | 10000 XDebug | 9000

My environment just for your reference: Eclipse Kepler Service Release 1 Eclipse Workspace : /XAMPP INSTALL PATH/htdocs XAMPP v3.2.1 PHP Version 5.5.6

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