Comparing dates after saving with Mongoose

Here's part of my mongoose schema

var mySchema = mongoose.Schema({
  expires: { type: Date, required: false }

I insert a document, set to expire tomorrow:

item.expires = + 1;;

Then I read save and read the document and test to see if it's expired

if (item.expires <

However this expression always returns true. Looking at my debugger, item.expires is listed as Date whilst is listed as a long number.

How can I do this test and why are the two different types even thought they are set the same way?

Answers returns a number, an unix timestamp. It's in milliseconds, so you are not setting the expire date to the next day but the next millisecond. Said that, if you to transform the number to a Date object again you will need to use Date:

 item.expires = + 24*3600*1000;
 item.expires = new Date( + 24*3600*1000);

You add 24 hours of milliseconds and then, if you want, transforms it to a Date object again.

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