Qt for iOS: Error unknown module(s) in Qt: webkitwidgets

I have downloaded .dmg file for Qt on Android and iOS. I have installed it and tried to run examples. I am able to run examples under folder "widgets" for iOS but when I try to run example for "webkitwidgets" and run qmake on (let say for example of "browser") .pro (in this case for example browser.pro) then it gives me error : "Error unknown module(s) in Qt: webkitwidgets". Then I checked "ios" folder in installed qt directory. I found in "Include" folder there is no folder called "QtWebkitWidgets" while there is folder "QtWidgets". Let me know solution asap because I am doing some poc on Qt for iOS and need to have conclusion soon. Did I miss some steps while installation or do I have to do some extra steps to execute examples for QtWebkitWidgets. Let me know whether QtWebkitWidgets module is supported for in Qt for iOS or not. Note that I am using Qt 5.2 with XCode 5. If more detail is required then let me know.


Apple explicitly forbids that any programming language be compiled/interpreted on the iOS device itself, except by their own WebKit. So Qt’s WebKit is disallowed. It is worthy to note thet part of the QtWebKit team has started the project QtWebEngine to explore the option of providing a Chromium/Blink based web engine instead of QtWebKit, and in addition to that, the iOS port of Qt will need their own webview API since Apple does not allow additional web engines on their iOS devices.

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