iexplore.exe process opens but I can't see it

I have a strange issue with opening IE (8), on Server 2008 R2, I execute the process (try to open a web-site in a browser) and I can see it in the Task Manager, but it's not visible on the Taskbar or anywhere on the desktop. It is especially annoying since I use this server for developing a website.

It is the same if I open several IE processes, they are running (as seen in the taskbar) but are not visible.

After Restart of the server is usually works for a while till it starts this behaviour again.



Check out this thread's remarks, perhaps you'll find a lead:

Another option could be Trojans as the following techspot article suggests:

but note that it talks about 32 bit version and you stated that you use win server 2k8 R2 which is strictly 64 bit...

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