https: firefox blocks insecure content... but which content?

I get the famous "Firefox has blocked content that isn't secure" on my site that I recently added SSL to.

I put an .htaccess redirect in place and the front page is fine, Firefox does not give me the warning. However, on pages with posts (this is a wordpress site) i get the above warning and I can't find the content that is causing it.

I went through the firebug net tab but couldn't find any http links. I opened up chrome and went through the network tab, I opened Fiddler and couldn't find the connection that is causing the problem there either.

How can I find the content that is blocked? Is there an option in Firefox that shows what is being blocked in a list?


In Firefox, right click on the page and go to Inspect Elements; that brings up the console and developer tools. Look at the "All Tab" to see a list of blocked elements.

Or use the add-on Firebug with Firefox; it has a much more extensive toolset.

A common issue are the links used for scripts from CDNs, like Google. You can use the URL construct src="//" in your links and they will auto-detect http and https.

And see Why am I suddenly getting a "Blocked loading mixed active content" issue in Firefox?

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