Mule-Flow: Checking Required Properties

I have a mule flow with an amqp inbound and outbound endpoint, here is a simplified example:

<flow name="foobar">

  <inbound-endpoint ref="amqp_inbound" />

  <transformer ref="some_xsl_transformer" />

  <outbound-endpoint ref="amqp_outbound"/>


The amqp configuration is like so:

<amqp:endpoint name="amqp_inbound" queueName="${}" connector-ref="amqpConnector" exchange-pattern="one-way" />

    ackMode="MANUAL" />

What I would like to do is check the existence of the required properties when the application is deployed. If they are not present I would like to provide an error message with the missing required properties and gracefully shut down. With regular spring beans I have been implementing IntializingBean and checking required properties in the InitializingBean#afterPropertiesSet() method.

I would like to do something similar for properties that are referenced only by the mule flow, how is it possible? i.e. if ${q.username} is missing, do not deploy the application and throw an error message. Does mule allow such a thing?


In that case, use:

         ignore-unresolvable="false" />

to load your properties, as Spring will throw an exception thus will prevent the application from loading.

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