How to Push to Shared BitBucket Repository

Here My Problem is I Have a Git Repository and I Shared that repository to another user by sending invitation and allowed as admin.

I am doing the push,pull with my SSH keys so what I need to know is:

1.The other person unable push to this repository [I sent my Repo public key to him that exists in my system] 2.The other person is unable to pull as well

I have googled it but it's still confusing. Could anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance.


I guess it depends on the right you gave him, there are admin, read/write, and read only rights to repos. So admin can even delete the repo, and assign the rights, read/write access allows others to do pull/push operation consequently, and read only access allows the only pull operations. To close even access to the repo, just remove the user from collaborations.

You have only to put your SSH-key to your bitbucket's profile, using the Manage Account/SSH Keys menu. And don't give it to other man, even public part.

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