Chrome browser not displaying background image?

I have created a background image of diagonal lines using CSS. Here is the code i am using for chrome:

 #body-news {   
 background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(right bottom, #fff 0%, #fff 45%, #9CC 45%, #9CC  50%, #fff 50%, #fff 95%, #9CC 95%);
 background-size: 7px 7px;

This works in all other browsers but not chrome. You can view it here;

Can anyone see the error in my code and how I can fix this?


you dont set gradiant for body check css file you set gradiant for #body-index and your background-size is 7px i've problem with that use below link to set gradient Chrome,Safari4+ use -webkit-gradient Chrome10+,Safari5.1+ use -webkit-linear-gradient and use background

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