Linking errors to the right field in WTForms FieldLists

I am using WTForm to validate a form that I submit directly from a javascript model (filled through knockout). In my form I have a list of bank accounts which can be added/removed dynamically. On the python side I have something like this :

class Account(Form):
    acc_name        = TextField('Account', [validators.Length(min=2, max=35)])    

class InformationForm(Form):
    account_list = FieldList(FormField(Account))

The json data that is received for validation is the following :

'account_list': [{'acc_name': 'aaaaa'}, {'acc_name': 'b'}]}

The problem is then when I validate I receive something like this where there is no way to know which account in the list is the source of the error:

'account_list': [{'acc_name': [u'Field must be between 2 and 35 characters long.']}

How can I do to link the error to the right account ?

EDIT : the way I did it in the end is that I added a getErrors method to my InformationForm class, which builds a dictionnary indexed by a unique Id for each Account where the values are each Account error. I then return that as json to my application. I keep the question open in case there is a "natural" solution...


Each individual element in a FieldList is a field in and of itself. If the FieldList contains a TextField, then each entry is a TextField. If it contains a FormField then it's a FormField (which then contains a form with its own fields) The FieldList entries can be accessed either by iterating a FieldList or by accessing the .entries attribute of the FieldList.

So instead of looking at form.account_list.errors look at the enclosed field's errors.

So for your use, something like this:

{% for subfield in form.account_list %}
    <!-- subfield in this case is an instance of FormField -->
    {{ subfield.form.acc_name() %}
    {% if subfield.errors %}
        {% for error in subfield.form.acc_name.errors %}
            <p class="error">{{ error }}</p>
        {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

You probably want to abstract this out to a macro instead of doing this for every specialty field setup, if this is something you need to do consistently and often.

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