How do I get two fonts on the same line in Wordpress?

So here is the deal, I am trying to get a certain look on my page but I'm not getting cooperation from Wordpress. I want an h4 followed by paragraph text that is in italics (also indented). This is the code I'm using and it works fine in my editor:

<h4 style="padding-left: 30px; display:inline;">Culture of Radical-Devotion</h4> <p style="display:inline;">“they devoted themselves”</p>

However, when I view the code in Wordpress it is on separate lines. The page you can view this at is

What do I need to change to make this work?


You can turn off Wordpress' automatic paragraphs by adding this line either in your functions.php file, on in the template that shouldn't use this filter.

remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop');

If this solution doesn't suit you, you can try replacing </h4> <p with </h4>&nbsp;<p.

I'm not familiar with wordpress but if this could help: Wordpress (or something else)puts this<p>&nbsp; </p> between the two texts. This is an empty paragraph (a space in it). You just need to remove it somehow

You have an extra paragraph between the heading and paragraph


Remove this and it will work as desired

Your code isn't wrong, but if I check out your website I see a little additional extra:

<h4 style="padding-left: 30px; display:inline;">Culture of Radical-Devotion</h4>
<p>  </p>
<p style="display:inline;">“they devoted themselves”</p>

The paragraph between the two elements you are working with is a block element, so takes up the entire line.

Remove the additional paragraph and you'll be closer.

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