Can I use file_get_contents to load css?

Instead of this:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css_file.css" />

I want to do this:

    <style><?php file_get_contents("css_file.css");?></style>

For some reason though, the text shows up in the doc but the style is not applied. This is a two part question:

  1. Why is this not working?
  2. Is this a bad idea to do this?


This question was posted when I was a beginning developer. I didn't know about Sass and other easier and better ways to achieve variables in CSS. I also didn't know about browser caching.

Jeremy Karlsson answered the question in a comment. file_get_contents requires echo.

This does what you'd like todo, output will be your css file, use something like preg_replace if you need to have more readable content, you might want to add new lines for example, before and after { }, I tested both without preg_replace and the examples are working well with a simple css file, I did not test it with complex css files but it should work as well, I kindly ask to try it with your css files. I hope it will help you into the right direction...

$css_File = file_get_contents("css_file.css"); // Can use single quot as well...
echo '<style type="text/css">' . $css_File . '</style>'; // All php echo example

OR much better example, I think this could be what you want:

<?php $css_File = file_get_contents(''); ?>
<style type="text/css"><?php echo $css_File; ?></style><!--// your request example //-->

why not use


@edit Also if you are including css file make sure to echo style tags around it

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