How to stop git from making files non-executable on cygwin?

I use git on Windows via cygwin and soon decided to use filemode=false (since otherwise I've got a lot of changes after the initial git clone). I'm definitely not interested in tracking permission at all, the only think I need is for some files to be executable. From time to time, I find that the x flag on some files gets lost and I strongly suppose it's because of git.

I'd be happy with a solution allowing to execute chmod a+x ... when needed.


I believe you want git update-index --chmod=+x <file>, followed by a commit.

You should start with git update-index --chmod=+x <file>.

But this does not change your working copy, for that:

git checkout .

I've met the same problem. git update-index --chomd=+x doesn't work for me.

I use chmod +x , then commit, it works perfect.

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