Representing multiple dataseries with fill opacity highcharts

I want to comapre multiple dataseries on highcharts with different colors but one dataseries completely overshadows the another, I want both dataseries to be visible for a better comparision.

$(function() {
// Create the chart
$('#container').highcharts('StockChart', {
rangeSelector : {
    selected : 1
    title : {
        text : 'AAPL Stock Price'

        series : [{
        name : 'AAPL Stock Price',
        data : [[1146441600000,6],
            type : 'area',
            name : 'AAPL Stock Price',
            data : [
            type : 'area',


Refer this fiddle


You can use 'rgba()' as color or define it as hex and use fillOpacity parameter like in the example, below.

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