How to Detect / Read / Write multiple HID devices

I am using Temper Gold 1.1 PCsensor USB. i can connect all of them to my pc, i am able to handle Single USB device,the devices are detected as HID but when there are more than one i am lost.

I can not identify which device i am reading from. or how to fix devices identification as usb devices are interchangeable i don't get how do i get them to work.

I am trying to build multiple usb reading display on Monitor, reading from usb controller and displaying on screen. as a 2x3 gird on whole screen.

any help from would be much appreciated.

Language of development is Visual Basic 6, or Visual Basic .Net, Delphi 7


Have you looked at VB6 TEMPer Gold USB HID Thermometer Class yet?

This may not address the issue of "following" a specific device when moved from one USB port to another, but you may find something useful there.

These devices are problematic though. They can spontaneously burst into sending data via the HID keyboard virtual device, which can wreak havoc when those keystrokes end up reaching the shell (Explorer Desktop).

Until the keyboard feature can be disabled on these devices they aren't ready for any kind of production use. I have never found any way to accomplish that.

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