Qt for iOS: How to open iOS component from Qt Application (i.e.from QMainWindow or QWidget or anything)?

I have requirement to open HTML content on iOS application. Currently I am using Qt for iOS which does not have support for QtWebKitsWidgets. So now I am planning to open UIWebView using UIViewController of iOS from Qt application. I have tried to open UIViewController from dummy UIViewController using presentViewController method but it is not opening anything on QMainWindow.

Let me know whether such thing is possible or not. If possible then guide me through some suggestions. Let me know if more detail is required. I am modifying example given by Qt for iOS only. Note that I am using Qt5.2.0 for iOS.


The Qt documentation points to this example of how to integrate a native iOS controller with a QML application.


It implements bringing up UIImagePickerController over a QML display.

So, while you can't integrate a UIWebView with QML content, you can push a new controller on containing it or maybe even can super-impose a UIWebView on top of the QML view.

It’s possible (with the Qt4iOS iOS plugin) to use UIWebView from QWidget based apps, but not QML apps. The Digia iOS plugin does not support using UIWebView in any way (and won’t any time soon).

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