GIT over SSH in Ansible hangs, eventhough ssh-agent forwarding is set up

I have set up everyhing I could find, but still cloning a repo from GitHub hangs the provisioning process.

I have:

  • server in known_hosts
  • .ssh/config

      ForwardAgent yes
      StrictHostKeyChecking no
  • copied private key

  • public key is in authorized_keys
  • the command runs as vagrant user
  • the play is:

    - name: Checkout from git
      git: dest=/srv/website


Just to expand on tillda's answer, that config can be placed in an ansible.cfg file alongside your playbook. e.g.:


transport = ssh

ssh_args = -o ForwardAgent=yes

I'd say it's better to do that than setting as an env variable, as placing it in a conf file is both more declarative and also will minimise the steps needed for other people you may be working with to going with a project.

Conf docs:

Example config file:

I want to share the answer that worked for me:!msg/ansible-project/u6o-sWynMjo/69UwJfJPq7cJ - From Ansible Google Group

For ansible, ssh-add to load ssh keys in your host machine first. Then use "ssh" as connection type with forwarding enabled.

Such as:

$ ssh-add  
$ export ANSIBLE_TRANSPORT="ssh"  
$ export  ANSIBLE_SSH_ARGS="-o ForwardAgent=yes"

See manual for ssh-add for running the agent.

The Ansible docs for ssh-args are

this works for me

- name: ensure known hosts
  shell: touch ~/.ssh/known_hosts
- name: remove from known host
  shell: ssh-keygen -R
  # >> instead of > to keep existing known_hosts file
- name: ensure in known host
  shell: ssh-keyscan -H >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Add to ansible.cfg the following parameter:


In my case the issue was the repository string. I had a bitbucket private repository set as:


but it should be:


Notice the subtle absence of the prefix "ssh". The weird part is that if I clone a github repository without the "ssh", it works fine!

I had an error : has an unknown hostkey. Set accept_hostkey to True or manually add the hostkey prior to running the git module

I had to add a accept_hostkey parameter to my git module command :

playbook :

    - name: clone


ssh_args = -o ForwardAgent=yes

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