IS it necessary to register a dll for using it

Is it necessary to register a dll for using the dll. I heard that 16 bit dll need not be registered then what about 32 bit dll's. I converted a 16bit dll developed in borland c++ 4.52 to 32 bit dll using borland c++ 5.02. My question is whether I need to register it or not? When i tried to register using the regsvr32, It is giving the error "the module was loaded but the entry point DllRegistryServer was not found.Make sure it is a valid Dll or OCX and then try again".

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You only need to register DLLs that contain COM classes. These DLLs will contain an exported function called DllRegisterServer that will populate the registry will the class-ids of the COM types in the DLL.

For any other type of DLL you don't need to register it.

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