git-svn local branch tracking remote svn branch

I checkout my own private branch on svn like this:

git svn clone svn://server/cfe/project/branches/fb_oz_3173_email

Now I am on the branch master.

I would like to:

  • rename this branch to fb
  • add branch called master which tracks the remote svn://server/cfe/project/trunk

I can't get it right. Can someone give me a lead?

  • the first part is easy: git branch -m fb


Well, the second part has also an answer

git config --add svn-remote.newbranch.url https://svn/path_to_newbranch/
git config --add svn-remote.newbranch.fetch :refs/remotes/newbranch
git svn fetch newbranch [-r<rev>]
git checkout -b local-newbranch -t newbranch
git svn rebase newbranch

Originally posted here How do I tell git-svn about a remote branch created after I fetched the repo?

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