No ClassTag available compilation error

The compiler keeps producing the following errors:

No ClassTag available for a
  val keys = Array.fill(maxSize+1){ default[a] }
not enough arguments for method fill: (implicit evidence$9: scala.reflect.ClassTag[a])Array[a].
Unspecified value parameter evidence$9.
  val keys = Array.fill(maxSize+1){ default[a] }

for this piece of code

object Utils {
  def default[a] = {
    class DefaultVal {
      var x: a = _
    (new DefaultVal).x

class IndexedHeap[a](maxSize: Int)(implicit ev: Ordering[a]) {
  import ev._
  import Utils._

  val keys = Array.fill(maxSize+1){ default[a] }


Any ideas on how to fix this?


I think adding ClassTag would fix it, like this:


edit based on your comment on the conflict with implicit params and context bounds: Change the implicit parameters to include the ClassTag too

implicit ev: Ordering[a], ct: ClassTag[a]

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