QTreeWidget drag and drop for reordering selects wrong item

After having followed the recommendations given here : QTreeWidget reordering child items by dragging, the dragged item is not selected.

So, quite naturally, I tried to get the dragged item and then call setSelected() on it.

The result is that the item before the correct on is selected.

I subclass QTreeWidget to override dropEvent like this -

QTreeWidgetItem *pItem;
QModelIndex dropIndex = indexAt(pEvent->pos());

if(dropIndex.isValid() == false)

pItem = this->itemAt(pEvent->pos());

How can I get the pointer to the correct QTreeWidgetItem which has been dropped ?


Since the dropped item can "fall" above or below of the target item, you need to manage both situations and calculate the correct index of the moved item. For example:

virtual void dropEvent(QDropEvent * event)
    QModelIndex droppedIndex = indexAt( event->pos() );
    if( !droppedIndex.isValid() )


    DropIndicatorPosition dp = dropIndicatorPosition();
    if (dp == QAbstractItemView::BelowItem) {
        droppedIndex = droppedIndex.sibling(droppedIndex.row() + 1, // adjust the row number
    selectionModel()->select(droppedIndex, QItemSelectionModel::Select);

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