how to get a value from a repository with a value which is compared with two fields of a table

Hi i am new to spring JPA . I have a table which has two columns namely 'active_from' and 'active_to'.Now I would like to get a column which has a date(ie.current date) which has a value between "active_from" and "active_to".How to acheive this using spring jpa repositories.?


This link you could find query methods to add queries that are not covered by the common jpa repository or with the support creation.

Check 2.3.4 Using @Query in JPA repositories

Using Query methods you can do that, try something like this.

public interface UserRepository extends JpaRepository<User, Long> {

  @Query(value = "SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE active_from > :?0 AND active_to < :?0 )
  List<User> findBetweenDate(String currentDate);

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