Text above and below featured image in a page

I have the_content and the featured image showing.

I need to have some text (2 lines for example) and then the featured image and then again some more text. How can I achieve this? Tried float left on the image but the text wont go above it.


Maybe you could use

<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

Read more here... http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_excerpt

So what you mean is, you want the image surrounded by text?

Float should work, but it won't, in your case.

If we're talking about the same image (the one at the top of your post), that image is not in the same block as the text so a float won't work.

I'm not sure how wordpress works but what I do know is, for a float to work, the image (or any element with a display: block for that matter) and the text need to be in the same container.

Would be great if we had a jsfiddle though...

If you want the image surrounded by text you should remove the feature image and put it inside the page's (or post's) content (using the editor). Then click on the image and select "align left" in the properties of the image.

I've solved this by using custom field. It goes like this: Title, custom field text, featured photo and then the_content().

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