Not Sure That I Successfully Git Pushed to a forked Repository

I forked a project on the GitHub and cloned that project to my local laptop. I added some code to one of the project files and pushed the project to a GitHub "fork"ed repository. I got a message saying Everything up-to-date back in the Git Bash command window.

I am not sure that the "push" was successful. How do I find my code under the GitHub "forked" repository? I have gone to the GitHub and signed in. I went to My_GitHub_UserName/Project_Name, I saw the project maintainer's code, I did not see my added code. How do I know that the "push" is successful? Thanks.

I did below:

$ git remote rm origin
$ git remote add origin https://{github_username}:{github_password}{github_username}/vlerdas-subscribe.git
$ git push origin master

The Git bash prompted: Everything up-to-date.


Edit: When you fork a project on GitHub, you essentially clone their git repo into your GitHub account. When you clone that, make a change and push, it goes to your fork, not the original maintainers repository.

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