Apache : Display perl script as a text

I have Perl files with no extension (not in the format of .pl) I need to execute them when I click them not open them as a plain text.

when I add pl extension to them. they work successfully. (when I added in apache.conf

    AddHandler cgi-script .cgi  pl


but I need to know if there's a way to execute them without adding the extension


You can use SetHandler to decide what Apache treats as a cgi-script.

In apache configuration, add this and reload/restart Apache:

<Directory /path/to/directory/with/perl-files>
    SetHandler cgi-script

# Or <DirectoryMatch>, <Location>, <FilesMatch> or similar directives


In the directory itself, add file .htaccess with content:

SetHandler cgi-script

This will make Apache treat everything in the directory as a cgi-script and try to execute it regardless of file extension.

The .htaccess solution might need additional permissions in apache configuration, (like AllowOverride SetHandler) see Apache Doc for AllowOverride

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