HTML image not showing in Gmail

I'm sending an e-mail newsletter in HTML. Inside the HTML I have something like

<img height='70' width='70' style='display:block' src=''>

When I open the newsletter with Thunderbird or Outlook, the image is being displayed. However, when I open it with Gmail, no image is shown. I'm not sure if it's about the proxy that Gmail uses for security reasons or if it's something else. Either way, I'd like to know if anyone ever came across this and if so, how it was solved.


Late to the party but here goes... I have experienced this problem as well and it was solved with the following:

  • Including the scheme in the src url (using "//" does not work - use full scheme EG: "https://")
  • Including width and height attributes
  • Including style="display:block" attribute
  • Including both alt and title attributes


<img src="" alt="Logo" title="Logo" style="display:block" width="200" height="87" />

Google only allows images which are coming from trusted source .

So I solved this issue by hosting my images in google drive and using its url as source for my images.

Example: with:'>

to form URL please refer here.

Please also check your encoding: Google encodes spaces as + instead of %20. This may result in an invalid image link.

Try to add title and alt properties to your image.... Gmail and some others blocks images without some attributes.. and it is also a logic to include your email to be read as spam.

You might have them turned off in your gmail settings, heres the link to change them

Also gmail may be blocking the images thinking they are suspicious.

from the link above.

How Gmail makes images safe

Some senders try to use externally linked images in harmful ways, but Gmail takes action to ensure that images are loaded safely. Gmail serves all images through Google’s image proxy servers and transcodes them before delivery to protect you in the following ways:

Senders can’t use image loading to get information like your IP address or location. Senders can’t set or read cookies in your browser. Gmail checks your images for known viruses or malware. In some cases, senders may be able to know whether an individual has opened a message with unique image links. As always, Gmail scans every message for suspicious content and if Gmail considers a sender or message potentially suspicious, images won’t be displayed and you’ll be asked whether you want to see the images.

HTTP or HTTPS should be full address

background-image: url(

var mailOptions = {
  from: '',
  to: emails,
  subject: 'i super another ma node mailer cool test',
  text: 'That was easy!',
  html: '<a href="//"><div style="background-image: url(;width:500px;height:500px">ascfas</div></a>'

For me, the problem was using svg images. I switched them to png and it worked.

I know Gmail already fix all the problem above, the alt and stuff now.

And this is unrelated to the question but probably someone experiences the same as me.

So my web designer use "image" tag instead of "img", but the symptom was the same. It works on outlook but not Gmail. It takes me an hour to realize. Sigh, such a waste of time.

So make sure the tag is "img" not "image" as well.

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