Can you recover a file after removing the file using git?

Suppose I am in branch 1, commit file1, and then checkout branch 2 from branch 1. On branch 2, I use git rm file1. If I go back to branch 1 (git checkout branch 1), will I get file1 back?


will I get file1 back?

Yes, of course. It's part of branch 1, and you haven't merged branch 2 into branch 1, so the file still exists in branch 1.

Need Your Help

Is there a way to replace the main content page within an Outlook 2013 Add-In?

wpf custom-controls ms-office office-interop outlook-addin

I was reading through the Office/Outlook 2013 Developer Reference for quite a while now and I didn't find any information on embedding a full screen WPF window or similar.