Is there a good git client for Mac OS X that has all the bells and whistles of Conerstone or Versions for Subversion?

I am wiling to pay good money for it if it has all the most common features and polished look. Also, I've seen gitx and I am asking if there are any other GUI clients besides gitx.


Please take a look at this overview of all graphical Git clients.

XCode 4 has some very nice git support. If you're registered with the Mac Developer program you can download a copy of the beta.

Although, looking at the homepages of Cornerstone and Versions it seems that they have quite a lot more "version-control related features" than XCode 4; but XCode has the advantage of integrating version control into the editing process. (Check out the WWDC session video on it to see what I mean.) So I guess it depends quite a lot on whether or not you currently use some version of XCode for your coding.

I'm partial to Sourcetree, myself.

Gitti look promising... is in private beta at the moment:

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