Is it possible to push to a separate repository from within the work-tree of a bare repository?

I have a central bare repository on my dev. web server that I use.

I have a post-receive hook that sets the work-tree to be a different directory, and all of my files are pushed there. Works peachy-keen. Keeps the git repository files separate from the actual code.

So, essentially, it's set up like this:

Git repo directory:


I'd like to use my work-tree and set up another repository that pushes to a live server from this dev. one.

I'd like to do this so I can just push the finished files up to the live server without all of the extra tools and stuff, like my SASS and whatnot.

Could I just go into /var/www/project and git init? Will that break anything with my current repo?

Is there a better or known way of doing this?


Could I just go into /var/www/project and git init? Will that break anything with my current repo?

No it won't break anyhting.

As long as your hook does set GIT_DIR to /git/project.git and GIT_WORK_TREE to /var/www/project to checkout your files, the .git you would create within /var/www/project would be ignored.

Although I would create that repo outside of /var/www/project to be on the safe side.

The only risk is one of de-synchronization between the worktree of the /git/project.git and the one of your second git repo.

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