Failed to initialize StartAppAd

im trying to integrate startapp in my app, followed the instruction manual found error in step3 which was Initialize startapp.

Step 1: Add the SDK JAR to your Eclipse project - OK

Step 2: Update your manifest file - OK

Step 3: Initialize StartApp Ad In the OnCreate method of your activity, call the static function: StartAppAd.init(this, "", "");

public class SplashScreen extends Activity {

    // Splash screen timer
    private static int SPLASH_TIME_OUT = 3000;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        StartAppAd.init(this, "xxx", "xxx"); <--------[X] CANNOT BE RESOLVED

Is there anything wrong? seems like my activity cannot link to the jar. The jar filename is StartAppInApp-2.1.3.jar


You have to import the startapp package


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