Drop down list inside of HTML table List in MVC

I am a newbie to MVC, I have some problem to populate a dropdown inside of a html table. I have my classes like

Public Class Employee
    public int EmployeeId {get; set;}
    public string EmployeeName {get; set;}
    public string Country {get; set;}

    public Employee() {}
    public Employee(Employees emp)

Public Class Employees : List<Employee>
    Public Employees()
        MyEntities entities=new MyEntities();

        foreach(Employees emp in entities.Employees)
            this.Add(new Employee(emp));

In the same way I have Country and Countries classes also which is having CountryId and CountryName. I am binding list of Employees in my View from the controller like,

public ActionResult Index()
    Employees emp = new Employees();
    return View(emp);

this is showing me the employees data from my db. In the last row of my table I have manually added a row for Adding a new employee, by entering the EmployeeName and selecting Country from a dropdownlist.

The problem is here in the dropdown. I have already displayed a list of employees in my view. Is it possible to one more list of Countries in my dropdown. And also I need to bind the selected country to the employee.country property.

I am much more comfortable with webforms, but in MVC I dont know how to achieve this. Can anyone help me out here. Thanks in advance.


Instead of just Employees pass model that contain both collections:

  class IndexViewModel
    public IEnumerable<Employee> Employees {get;set;}
    public IEnymerable<Conuntry> Countries {get;set;}

Than construct and pass it to view

  return View(new IndexViewModel { 
     Employees = employeeRepository.GetAll(),
     Countries = GetAllCountries()

Than render countries dropdown using Model.Countries

Try This one.....


@Html.DropDownList("Cert", (SelectList)ViewData["Countries"], "--Select--", new { @class="dropdownlist" ,id = "Country" })


 public string Certification{ get; set; }


 var Country = new SelectList(new[]
                new {ID="1",Name="India"},
            ViewData["Countries"] = Country ;

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