AngularUI loading modal template from direct path in ASP.NET.MVC

From here you can see that you can load html fragments from ASP.NET.MVC controller, which returns a view:

Angular ng-include cshtml page

<div ng-include="'Home/Template/login'"></div>

I tried doing the same with AngularUI modal window :

var modalInstance = ${
        templateUrl: "'Home/Template/Modal'"

Getting error :

GET http://localhost:3289/'Home/Template/Modal' 404 (Not Found) 

So it is including the quotes in the path, any suggestions how to load HTML fragments from MVC View folder?


The templateUrl property of the $modal service doesn't behave the same as ng-include (not sure why you've assumed this) in the sense that it is not AngularJS expression but rather a simple JavaScript expression. As such it doesn't need double-quoting to refer to a fixed JavaScript string.

Just write:

var modalInstance = ${
    templateUrl: 'Home/Template/Modal'

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