VBA Excel sort range by specific column

I have a table that can contain any number of rows:

As i said it can contain 1 or āˆž rows.

I want to sort range A3:Dāˆž by the Date cell that is in column B. How can I do it?

The problem is that I don't know how to select from A3 to the last row.

I think that looping to the last row is not a correct method.

I have got this so far it sorts looks like correct, but the range is hardcoded. How do I get rid of the hardcoding of the range?

Range("A3:D8").Sort key1:=Range("B3:B8"), _
order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlNo


Try this code:

Dim lastrow As Long
lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Row
Range("A3:D" & lastrow).Sort key1:=Range("B3:B" & lastrow), _
   order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlNo

Or this:

Range("A2", Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Address).Sort Key1:=[b3], _
    Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes

If the starting cell of the range and of the key is static, the solution can be very simple:

Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
Selection.Sort key1:=Range("B3", Range("B3").End(xlDown)), _
order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlNo

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