How to create parse database for simple listing application in iOS

I would like to create database in for simple application. where I will have four cells in first view if I click on any cell, it will go to the next screen and contains some more cells. it goes on like that .

Problem is I have never worked with parse database creation . can some one help...


database creation is very easy using A table is termed as an object in parse. To create a table/object use

PFObject *gameScore = [PFObject objectWithClassName:@"GameScore"];
gameScore[@"score"] = @1337;  
gameScore[@"playerName"] = @"Sean Plott";
gameScore[@"cheatMode"] = @NO;
[gameScore saveInBackground];

As this code executes from your Ios app you will see a table "GameScore" with attributes "score", "playerName" and "cheatMode" on your parse data browser. In the same way you can create different tables. You can also create a primary(unique) key for each of your table and can link them using those keys.


Try this Appcoda tutorials

and also check parse official site as well

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