z label scatter plot

I've a problem in plotting a 3D scatter plot. I can't understand why the z label is distorced

can you help me?


xlabel('1$^{st}$ component','Interpreter','LaTex','FontSize',14);
ylabel('2$^{nd}$ component','Interpreter','LaTex','FontSize',14);
zlabel('3$^{rd}$ component','Interpreter','LaTex','FontSize',14);

I'm using ubuntu and matlab R2012b


I have had spotty luck with the LaTeX interpreter (in Windows). Try the TeX interpreter instead:

xlabel('1^{st} component','Interpreter','tex','FontSize',14);
ylabel('2^{nd} component','Interpreter','tex','FontSize',14);
zlabel('3^{rd} component','Interpreter','tex','FontSize',14);

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