Speed-up SQL Insert Statements

I am facing an issue with an ever slowing process which runs every hour and inserts around 3-4 million rows daily into an SQL Server 2008 Database.

The schema consists of a large table which contains all of the above data and has a clustered index on a datetime field (by day), a unique index on a combination of fields in order to exclude duplicate inserts, and a couple more indexes on 2 varchar fields.

The typical behavior as of late, is that the insert statements get suspended for a while before they complete. The overall process used to take 4-5 mins and now it's usually well over 40 mins.

The inserts are executed by a .net service which parses a series of xml files, performs some data transformations and then inserts the data to the DB. The service has not changed at all, it's just that the inserts take longer than they use to.

At this point I'm willing to try everything. Please, let me know whether you need any more info and feel free to suggest anything.

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like you have exhausted the buffer pools ability to cache all the pages needed for the insert process. Append-style inserts (like with your date table) have a very small working set of just a few pages. Random-style inserts have basically the entire index as their working set. If you insert a row at a random location the existing page that row is supposed to be written to must be read first.

This probably means tons of disk seeks for inserts.

Make sure to insert all rows in one statement. Use bulk insert or TVPs. This allows SQL Server to optimize the query plan by sorting the inserts by key value making IO much more efficient.

This will, however, not realize a big speedup (I have seen 5x in similar situations). To regain the original performance you must bring the working set back into memory. Add RAM, purge old data, or partition such that you only need to touch very few partitions.

drop index's before insert and set them up on completion

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